Sunday, August 17, 2014

I've Watched One Too Many Romantic Movies...

...and I think that has done me in with unreal expectations of romance. Well, that or I am just a huge romantic at heart.

Somehow those big-hearted gestures get me every time, yet in real life they just don't seem to happen. Well, maybe I've had a few romantic moments in my lifetime, maybe three, but I'll keep those to myself.

But never have these things happened:

  • Delivery after delivery of floral arrangements filling up the room. 
  • Flash Mob wedding, prom or date proposal. 
  • Showing up with a picnic basket for a romantic evening date near a body of water.
  • Those moments of dramatic speeches of "how much love there is," how "you are the one and only," "the whole world should know how much I love you..."
  • The boom box held over-head playing "our song". (Okay, that is from Say Anything.)
  • Giving me your one earring. (Yep, Breakfast Club.)
  • The car waiting in the parking lot to take me away from reality. (Uh-huh, Pretty in Pink. It's all John Hughes fault I guess.)
  • No showing up at my door with a special bottle of something. 
  • Rose petal path to the bedroom. (I actually don't even like that one. So cliche'.) 
  • Spa days scheduled because you know I needed it. 
  • A brand new car with a huge bow sitting outside.
  • A surprise vacation of my dreams with all details thought of ahead of time. 
  • The surprise proposal with the perfect ring, in the perfect size. 
  • Coming home to a candlelit dinner. 
  • The long run across an open field into each others arms. 
  • Kissing in the rain after a long time apart.
  • Running to each other at the airport.
  • Waiting to hear a dedication song just for you on the radio or at the skating rink.
But hey, those aren't real moments, right? 

What about you? Have you had any of those romantic moments? Want to share? Comment below. Let me know those things really do happen.