Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Dating Profile

So for those of you not in the know and who don't follow SDL, allow me to explain. Yep, that's Single Dad Laughing, and the main man, Dan Pearce. Well, Dan decided to write a WONDERFUL online dating profile for himself and post it today. 

I am inspired. I am even using his format of questions. Go, Dan!

Scared but inspired. 

Well, here it goes. Wish me luck.

This is scary. 

Let's start with me...

B/W makes everything better
Au Natural
Relationship Status: Single, er, divorced? Well, dissolved. Okay, if you haven't read my last post we will just go with single. 

Age: 40. I said it. 4-0. But I don't feel like I am a day over 27. Unless you hear my knees make noise, then you'll think I'm 80. 

Have kids: Yep, and she's mighty cool. 

Want kids: Yep, the one I have. :-) Oh, more kids? Yeah, not so sure about that. I liked saying "one and done" for the last many years. 

Ethnicity: White, er, Caucasian... with some German and some French. But G'pa used to talk about some Native American and Scottish so I'll go with the Heinz 57 mix. That's not too unPC, is it? 

Body Type: Um, skippppp... no, really. I've got some extra pounds but they don't stop me. I'm active. Just this past weekend this body was Dragon Boating. I regularly do 5Ks, especially if it is a cool location or for a cool t-shirt. 

Height: 5'5" or 5'6" in the flip flops. 

Faith: I personally like that "Faith" is followed by "smoke" and "drink" so they can tell just how much of a heathen you are. Faith, well, as long as it isn't too organized I'm good. Spiritual = yes. Religious = not so much. But being raised in New Orleans I still find myself interested in some of the ritual Catholic stuff here and there. 

Smoke: Only when I am on fire. Wait, you've heard that one before have you? Okay, only when at a cool new Greek restaurant and they have the big hookahs to try and crazy stuff like cherry flavored vapor. Once. 

Drink: Yeah, what of it? I say, "I need a drink!!!" far more than I ever do it but if there is a new beer to try count me in. Also, if my step-dad is making a batch of mojitos I'm in as well!

Headline: Just a girl always looking for a fun adventure! Wait, what kind of fun adventure did you think I meant? 

Profile: (AKA All About Me) 

I'm looking for some folks to hang out with and do some of my favorite things. Maybe you can introduce me to a few of your favorite things, too. I mean favorite things as in a beautiful hike, a new restaurant, or a good farmers market. Not your favorite things like your lint collection or your set of Elvis coins. Wait, those Elvis coins could be pretty cool. 

I do love my family life and being a mom but I am surrounded in a world of my straight, married friends that I do love dearly. (Yes, I love you all deeply!!!!) I am out every where I go whether I set off alarms or not. It doesn't define me, but it is who I am. 

I love a good conversation and exploring new things and areas. Weekend road trips were made for me. I love being outside and doing anything that involves nature. Wait - most things that involve nature. Even I have my limits.

I'm originally from New Orleans. That's big. Really big. I get homesick and want to go back at a moments notice. Especially if I catch sight of my FB page and there is a picture of a beignet, snowball, street musician or Mardi Gras trinket. Or if my Mom calls and mentions that she just saw any of the above mentioned items. 

I am opinionated. I now own it. But only opinionated where it matters. Figure that one out for 2 points. 

I ride a motorcycle. Really, I do. I'm cool like that. Or bad. Or just a motorcycle rider. Sometimes. When the weather is nice. And it is daylight. 

I do crazy stuff like this picture sometimes. If you find it embarrassing, step away. If you'd join me you are my kind of person. If you'll laugh, even better. 

Being a Dork

My Interests: Didn't we cover that? Should I keyword myself? Here it goes...

nature, outside, photography, travel, adventure, motorcycles, tattoos, education, art, 5K, kayaking, dragon boating, hiking, festivals, music, food, fun, friends, beach, sun, movies, swimming, food trucks, new restaurants, roller derby

Sports & Exercise: Yep, and I'd love to do more! Want to sign up for a 5K together? Yeah!!  What about Dragon Boating?? Yahoo! Want to kayak and see the manatees? When? Okay!

Pets: Yep. And he is BIG. He's a Greyhound. Did I say big? Think miniature pony. No, that's a Great Dane you are thinking of. I said Greyhound. 

Political Views: I said I was opinionated, right? Well, single term those folks and then clean house. If I don't agree with you I probably won't vote for you. Crazy how that goes. 

Sign: Libra. Yep. I'm always searching for balance. ALWAYS.

Favorite Hot Spots: I live in Florida. Everywhere is a hot spot at this time of year. 

College: Yep, I went. A few times. I check the spot marked graduate degree usually.

Favorite Things: Seriously, like possessions? I like this laptop, my camera, my bracelet... 

For Fun: It just dawned on me who might read this. That's going to be fun, right?!?!?!? 

Last Read: Duh. Dan's dating profile. I  thought we said that way up top!

My Idea of a Great Date: I once upon joked and said to walk around IKEA and see if we pick out some of the same things. I don't think that is a half bad idea. Do you?

What I'm Looking For:  You are educated, honest and interesting. By interesting I don't mean you are a habitual liar (been there), or that you can't hold down a job. You aren't a couch potato or sleep the day away kind of person but an occasional day in is always nice. You have a positive attitude and a good head on your shoulders. You are taller than 5'6" (see my height comment). You have your life together but are just missing that one extra piece, or two. You must be able to handle sarcasm. Seriously. You must. 

***not looking for couples or to be a third of any kind. Thanks!*** (Crazy how you have to say that, right?!?!?!)

-------------------------------------What do you think???------------------------------------------------