Tuesday, February 11, 2014

What do your kids know about Marriage Equality?

Well, I'm kind of amazed that there was little or no press on the Federal Benefits that were awarded  to same sex couples beginning yesterday. I know it didn't really benefit everyone waiting on rights but it was a small leap forward.

So right now I am sitting looking through all this paperwork I need to get filed for my dissolution (a.k.a. divorce.) Ugh. It's not fun but at least there are some helper programs to fill out the paperwork. I don't even think I would mind if I knew this was a sure thing but because they "may" allow it because we have a daughter makes me wonder if it will all be for nothing. Then that is yet another filing fee going down the drain. Not fun. Not fun at all.

As many readers know, I'm a teacher. It's February. What's that mean? Well, yes, it is the month in which we teach about Black History. So starting with Harriet Tubman and Henry Box Brown and going through Abe Lincoln, Rosa Parks and including Ruby Bridges, well, I seem to talk about injustices a lot. But if I ask my kids what is happening the civil rights movement is today they really have no idea or no connection with it. I did have one kid pipe up and say gay rights and I was mighty proud of him and of his parents for having that discussion with him.

I wonder how often it comes up in other families. Is it dinner conversation like it is in my house? Do they even know what any of it means?

Of course, as a teacher, I tread lightly on this conversation with my class but I also feel some responsibility to shed the light on the subject for them. I mean, it is news. But hey, I love my job and want to keep it!!! I don't want to approach the subject from a religious viewpoint but seriously; what exactly should they know at age 8 about today's civil rights movement? I know other teachers struggle with this, too. I've heard them express it, some of them louder than others.

So what have you told your child(ren) about the right to marry? What have you told your kids about equality lately? What would you expect them to hear at school?

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